Cappuccino Coffee Premix

Cappuccino is the new drink of the youth. The exotic flavours just tingles your sense and creamy top looks just appetising. Just one sip of this creamy coffee tells us why this drink is so popular all over the world. This is the ultimate drink for the lovers of strong coffee. It has an awesome taste of pure and strong coffee with amazing aroma. Our cappuccino coffee premix is especially brewed for the happy coffee lovers.

We are a leading supplier of different variety of Tea & Coffee Premixes, we also trade in various kinds of Tea and Coffee Vending Machines, which are of international quality standards. In Tea Premixes we have a wide variety, such as: Cardamom, Cappuccino and few others. Moreover, we also have various types of Coffee Premixes which are made from rich and pure coffee beans procured from the best coffee gardens.
Weight 1 kg