The  growing  use  of  technology  in  people’s  everyday  lives  has  completely  changed  how  media  is consumed and marketing messages are viewed. Don’t allow your message to grow stale or get lost in the  shuffle.  Whether  you  need  help  building  a  strong  marketing  campaign  or  are  looking  for  new methods to reach your target audience, Aruba Vending Machines can help you grow your business.

Attract Customers with Inside-Out strategy

Think “advertising” and traditional outlets such as television, radio and newspapers generally come to mind. These executions can be effective but are often costly. Fortunately, there is another advertising approach that can help your brand generate buzz and attract new customers. Using our Healthy Vending Machines as the advertising platform, we create an inside-out marketing strategy for you.
At Aruba Vending Machines our overarching goals are to:

  1. Make people across the globe healthier & happier.
  2. Use cutting-edge innovation & technology to make eating healthy easier and more fun.
  3. Make you, our partner, the best deal possible.

We specialize in beverage and snack vending service and offer the widest range and variety of products for vending services. For beverages, we offer machines that carry canned and bottled soft drinks, fresh juices, bottled water and power drinks too. For snack, our machines carry a wide variety of fresh snacks like chips, chocolate bars, gum, cookies, and healthy snacks too. From pop and snack vending and food vending, we do it all and pride ourselves in providing excellent fresh products for your staff / customer today!

The Aruba healthy branding program is designed for manufacturers that want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. If you want to:

  • Promote healthy food Products.
  • Improve the performance, happiness & health of your employees, or customers,
  • Become a more attractive business,

Then Aruba VM is for you!

Brand with us