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Tea and Coffee

Morning?¬†Whatever the occasion; you’d love a cup of Tea or Coffee. Why not have some on the way? Now you can. Our machines have the option of dispensing fresh tea or coffee. We deliver these services and anyone can enjoy them. There’s different tastes to suit your mood and your day.

We all love tea and we’ve got news! Our machines have fresh leaf brewed tea and fresh milk. If you don’t fancy milk tea, there’s black tea on serve as well. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It is.

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coffee vending machine

Cashless Solutions

The world of cashless solutions is upon us and we’ve delivered! Our machines are equipped with state of the art cashless solutions. The cashless systems operating on our vending machines including NFC (Near Field Communication), Smart Cards, RFID, Contactless cards with VISA and MasterCard integration. We also have our own wallet solution to top it all of! Contact us today if you’d like to know more about all the possibilities of cashless technology.

Wait, there’s more. Our cashless can also communicate over GSM/CDMA wireless networks! This means we can enable EasyPaisa, JazzCash, UPaisa or any other mobile payment solution as well.

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