AttiBassi: ground coffee Filter coffee (250 g)

The exclusive Attibassi Miscela 1918 represents the ancient tradition of coffee in a perfect fusion of Arabica and Robusta blends of the best quality. Wrapped in the traditional package for ground coffee, it is a wise combination capable of satisfying the most demanding palates, for a coffee break with strong personality.

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The Attibassi Miscela 1918 Filter Coffee gives life to a balanced coffee, which meets the tastes of consumers of this type of product. Characterized by an intense aroma, a fine acidity and a light body, it is the best solution for the extraction of a typical American filter coffee. The American coffee in Italy is often described as “watered coffee”, or to be a bad imitation of espresso. In reality, you just need to find the right blend, a pulverization that does not penalize, but rather enhances the characteristics of this product. Thanks to the 1918 Filter Coffee Blend by Attibassi, a sophisticated blend which aims for excellence, you will try an American coffee that has nothing to envy to its friend espresso.

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