Kashmiri Tea Premix

Aruba Tea Premix Kashmiri Tea is an aromatic tea which will keep you warm on a chilly winter day. In Pakistan, the best way to beat the winter chills is a hot cup of tea. So, we bring you the recipe of this traditional Kashmiri tea. This hot beverage recipe is prepared using Kashmiri green tea powder, water, cinnamon and green cardamom and saffron. The addition of saffron and green cardamom gives an alluring fragrance to the tea. The spices make the tea strong which also keep the health woes at bay. It is a healthy drink that will give a boosts to your immune system.

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Aruba Chai Latte
* Mix 3–4 teaspoons of Aruba Cardamom Chai Premix with 140 ml hot water or milk.
* Add a single or double shot of espresso.

Spiced up Chai Latte
* Mix 3–4 teaspoons of Aruba Cardamom Chai with 140 ml hot water or milk.
* Add in a pinch of chilli powder.
* Add frothed milk to the top and garnish with a dash of crushed cinnamon.