The installation of an Aruba Vending Machine at the CBM premises is part of our Young Entrepreneurs Program and to strengthen our Operator network throughout the nation. We are dedicated to our goal of educating new operators to the world of Vending technology.

Centaurus is a landmark in the economic diversification of Pakistan and we knew it will be a milestone for us to capture the potential introduced by our presence at Centaurus Mall. We are glad to announce that our next location partner is Fun City inside Centaurus. There are many reasons to pick Fun City as our location inside Centaurus but we’ll get to that later. Here’s some visual imagery to feat.

These are exciting times and we’ve been at work. We did an election campaign and it had a great response. We didn’t stop there, we have a new location to add to our map and it’s a big one; Islamabad Stock Exchange. Yes, you read that right, if ISE is your second home, you can now enjoy our vending experience at home.

September 2012 marked a new beginning with DHL joining in as Location Operators for Aruba Vending Machines in Pakistan. Our machines will be deployed to several key DHL operation locations through out Pakistan. We hope to extend this Business partnership with other “key” Location Operators in the future as well. Stay Tuned!

We have struck an exclusive agreement with Zong CMPak Limited for the installation of multiple vending machines at their premises throughout Islamabad. The first of this series of installations was commenced today in TF Complex Islamabad. This is a key location for us and we’re really glad with the progress.

Evacuee Trust Complex is the center of Software Development technologies in the city of Islamabad. This project was completed based on a survey conducted through the employees and their needs were kept in consideration. This has been part of our humble beginnings and we’re looking forward to better opportunities in the future. Thank you for being with us.